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This offer is addressed to companies looking for suppliers of sub-assemblies for their own products  - we produce housing for industrial printers, control and alarm rooms, elements for welding machines, cookers, electro-technical apparatuses, gas cabinets.

We cooperate with trading companies for which we prepare final elements (soap, toilet paper dispensers, waste baskets, sanitary equipment for social rooms and public places).

For building and fixing companies: finishing elements – (baseboards, embrasures made of stainless steel). We also take orders for projects, implementation and fitting of complex equipment for social rooms in manufacturing plants and public places, where the main material is stainless steel.



Cooperation departments has its own project and construction support, which allow for complex project implementations, including preparing record and making prototypes. Starting production is not limited by batch length but is suited for a client. Our fitting staff makes it possible to assembly installations on the object.

We have a modern machine park:




- Bending brake – bending length 2500mm





- CNC punching machine – 1250x3000mm format, carbon sheet up to 3mm thick, stainless up to 2mm





- Laser cutting machine – 1500x3000mm format, steel sheet up to 12 mm thick, stainless up to 6mm





- Engraving machine YAG type





- guillotine shear – cutting length 2000mm, material thickness 0.5-2mm

- hydraulic and air-operated presses

- manual and automatic welding machines

- rolling mill

- rolling mill





Service department offer includes complex order implementation. We perform all works connected to the project itself and technological records. Before starting up production, prototypes are made to show them to clients and receive their acceptance. We specialize in short production series.

Services offered include:

  • cutting elements from thin sheets according to client’s record
  • making single elements together with their technical record and fitting at client’s place
  • project and technical record accomplishment as well as making equipment elements from stainless steel, or complex build-up of hospitals, social or public use places,
  • unit series of components or ready products,
  • repetitious series of components or ready products.


Complex service, connected to interior decorating (grinding, powder and spray painting) according to client’s requests is always guaranteed by our company.


Wadex SA is one of leading Polish producers of flue systems made of acid resistant steel used for releasing exhaust gases from systems heated by gas or oil (solutions for housing estate and industry). Services of cutting and

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