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PPH WADEX SA is a producer of single- and double-walled chimney systems with the diameter ranging from 60 to 1000 mm. Those systems are used for releasing exhaust gases from heating appliances heated by a range of fuels. Chimney systems produced by PPH WADEX SA are used both in housing estate as well as in industry. They are used as the way of releasing exhaust gases, ventilation systems and as technological systems (e.g. in wood drying chambers or crop dehydrators).

PPH WADEX SA also produces gas meter boxes, expansion vessel for open heating systems and other elements made of stainless steel made according to client’s requirements.

Our company also offers appliances which help to improve the efficiency of chimney systems such as chimney draft controllers, cowls, roto- and turbowents.
Part of our offer are also addressed to fitters installing fireplaces are: joining elements made of black steel – adjustable elbows, fixed elbows, pipes, tees, radiators and wall transition pipes.

All of our products have all necessary CE certificates, declaration of conformity as well as attests.


Wadex SA is one of leading Polish producers of flue systems made of acid resistant steel used for releasing exhaust gases from systems heated by gas or oil (solutions for housing estate and industry). Services of cutting and

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